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Today, the whole globe is a virtual office and BYOD is a technique that enables every individual. Bring Your Own Device or Consumerization is the manner that many firms have opted to allow new information processing technologies inside their environment. Whichever is the case involved, as a strategic approach, productivity enhancer, a cost-cutting program, or a method for keeping users connected, BYOD is being implemented.


In recent years, firms struggled with portable or removable data storage and its concomitant risks. Comparatively and based on experience, we now realize that problem was not as risky as mobile devices. For instance, it would be rather easy to notice a person carrying one hundred 5.25 floppy disks. In fact, that is exactly the number of floppy disks it takes to store one gigabyte worth of data. At present, we would barely find a mobile device having less than 2 gigabytes of storage as the average now stands at 8 gigabytes or so.


Aside from data extraction, the diverse functions in today's mobile devices tied up into the social media networks, mobile systems, and Wi-Fi networks, produce a complex condition for secure operation of these devices. And yet information theft is merely one of the many dangers that businesses encounter today. Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects has several offered services that can assist you with the proper use of these devices, whether via BYOD or company-provided machines.